How To: Play the theremin for beginners

Play the theremin for beginners

A short introductory theremin lesson to playing notes, executing dynamic vibrato, and dynamic volume with the theremin. Playing errors included to demonstrate how difficult it is to play the theremin well.

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and I thought learning piano was hard. At least this is cooler


Wonder How To did not elaborated the materials for theremin and was not explaned well. It goes directly to the application wherein it is not clear wether the sound is coming from the mouth or actually from the theremin.

why would u ask how to play an ocarina in a theremin video?

omg blonde moment the theremin and ocarina look nothing alike

Interesting. The theremin sounds great.

Ok, first I thought they were talking about vitamins... ;), then, I thought he was throwing his voice (like a ventriloquist), until he started talking while playing it! Who knew! What a trip!

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