How To: Change a string on your guzheng

Change a string on your guzheng

This video explains how to change a string of guzheng. The process is well described in the video with each and every steps clearly. The thing that is to be done is loosen the peg in a an anticlockwise direction using a tuning tool to remove the string. Thus remove it. If there is no string to begin with then loosen the tuning first before fitting a new string. Than take a new string and insert the pointed end through the hole from the back of the guzheng. To get it on other side pull it through the hole. Take the pointed end of the string through the hole and then through the hole of the peg. Press the string inwards so the string go inside when it is tighten the string goes over the excess string pull the string after tighten it and after that tighten it for a few rounds and tune it by placing on the guzheng bridge. Thus the process is done.

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