How To: Play the shabbat hymn "Adon Olam" on the lyre

Play the shabbat hymn "Adon Olam" on the lyre

In this lesson, I will demonstrate how to play on the lyre, the traditional melody usually sang to "Adon Olam"(Lord of the World); one of the beautiful closing hymns sang at the end of a traditional Shabbat Service.

The melody is in the melodic minor scale, starting on D, so the 10 strings of the Kinnor are tuned:


I also demonstrate how it is possible to play sharps and flats on a replica of an ancient lyre...without the benefit of having sharpening levers, which are usually found on harps today!

The notes of the melody are:

AABbA, GFED, AA high E high D C

B natural A G# A, A

A B natural C# high D, AAGF, F


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