News: Gun + Guitar = Very 'Country' Maker

Gun + Guitar = Very 'Country' Maker

Gun + Guitar = Very 'Country' Maker

If you really want to end your next big guitar solo with a bang, consider giving this shotgun guitar a try.

The instrument was conceived and played by Rev. Payton of the Big Damn Band and created by custom pickup designer Bryan Fleming. The instrument serves as a fully functional three-string guitar and shotgun. It's lovingly called the Guitgun and it's pretty damn impressive.

Rev. Peyton is a virtuoso, capable of playing pretty much anything with strings. He once played a song with eighteen different instruments. These instruments ranged from acoustic guitars, to the melodica, to a standing double bass, so it's no surprise to see his talents applied here to non-traditional instruments as well. To top it all off, not only is he competent on guitar, but apparently a decent shot as well.

Peyton plays guitar using the fingerpicking method, which is associated with certain American folk and blues styles. Fingerpicking is when the individual strings are plucked, rather than strummed, with the thumb maintaining an alternating bassline on the lower strings while the index and middle fingers play a melody on the higher ones. In this video, even though the Guitgun only has three strings, you can hear distinct bass and melody lines.

The Big Damn Band hails from Indiana and is comprised of Peyton on vocals and strings, his wife Breezy on washboard and background vocals, and Ben Bussell on drums and background vocals. Their music is pretty awesome if you enjoy folk, roots, or Americana tunes.

Make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for updates on new tracks and performance dates.

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