News: Old Jeep Cherokee Makes Techno Music

Old Jeep Cherokee Makes Techno Music

We've seen the talented Diego Stocco's music from a tree and experibass. YouTube's Julian Smith now brings us something equally unusual. The combined sounds of an old Jeep Cherokee (slamming doors, pushing door locks, revving the engine, setting off the door alarm, etc) make a techno song.

"The sounds in this video are ACTUAL sounds from the Jeep. Everyone began rehearsing their parts 2 weeks before we shot the video. It took us 7 hours of filming to get a solid take. Enjoy!"

Really picks up around 1:00. Amazing.

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really imaginative white people from Nashville with a good deal of time and money. kudos. very art of noise. The cigarette lighter into the gas tank might have made for a nice denoument.

I hope jeep askes them to make a commercial for them.

crazy how people find the good in old things

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